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Monday, September 29, 2014 

UNIT(S): A543



Monday, September 29, 2014  After Ambulance 543 returned from the crash in Coxton, Lima 10 would activate Strike Team 143 to help fully extinguish a fire in Newport Twp. that has been burning under ground since yesterday. Our specialized crew worked the stubborn fire for more than five hours before returning to service. Brush 143-1 and Brush 143-3 responded to the call.




Monday, September 29, 2014  Right before lunch time, Ambulance 543 was dispatched to Coxton Road in Duryea for a single vehicle crash with a male who had a head injury. With assistance from Duryea and Avoca Fire, the patient was fully immobilized and loaded into Ambulance 543. The patient was transported to Geisinger Wyoming Valley as a trauma alert with Medic 303 on board.




Wednesday, August 20, 2014  Station 143 would be sent as part of a first alarm to assist Wyoming Fire on Englewood Terrace with a working fire early Wednesday morning. Crews from Kingston Fire were initially dispatched and arrived first to find heavy fire throughout the garage area of a single story pool house. Due to the extensive damage to the pool house, the fire was fought defensively.

Once the fire was knocked down in the garage, the fire then spread to the roof area of the pool house and the adjoining structure which housed a large indoor pool. A crew from Engine 149-2 and Engine 128 would do a good job preventing the fire from spreading into the main exposure structure from the pool room.

Once on scene, Chief 143 would assume the duties as the RIT Chief while the crew from Engine 143 would split into two different RIT Teams, covering the pool house and the exposure house. Both RIT Teams and Chief 143 would work together, forcing doors, clearing windows, opening garage doors, and keeping track of the interior crews.

No injuries were reported during this fire and it currently remains under investigation. All crews would operate on scene for close to three hours before being released by Wyoming Command.




Friday, July 25, 2014  A first alarm assignment was struck shortly after 0130 hrs. for a reported structure fire to the rear of 34 Drake Street in our first due. Chief 143 would arrive on scene first and reported a fully involved trailer fire and confirm that everyone was out.

Engine 143 was then ordered to hit the plug on Chestnut Street and lay in through a vacant lot adjacent to the rear property while Engine 126 was simultaneously laying the secondary supply line from the corner of Center and Drake Streets.

The rest of the first alarm units either assisted with opening up the structure or fire suppression. Chief 143 had Operations while Chief 93A handled Incident Command. Ambulance 512 transported a patient from the scene with burns to his feet. All units operated on scene for under two hours before being released by Command 143.




Sunday, July 13, 2014  Prior to 1848, a school house was built at the corner of Parsonage and Center Streets. As more families began to settle into the area, a new school was built in 1879 at 53 Center Street serving as a second school for the area.

As the years passed, more children enrolled in the schools calling for a third school to be built across from Drake Street.

In March of 1887, a committee met to approve which school would be the best fit for the borough, but elected to instead build a new school house to accommodate the children in the first three and have them all convene in one.

In 1900, the Grant school was built, first consisting of four rooms which were two classrooms, an auditorium and a director’s room. As time went on, more classrooms were added and faculty hired as the school began to grow.

Today, the school building is just a memory as it burned down at 10:30 P.M. on Aug. 22, 1973.

Now, 41 years after the school’s demise, Lois Pierce, 78, a 1953 graduate of Hughestown High, idealized a plan to honor the school by have a special monument constructed and placed at the Hughestown Hose Company and it all began with finding out what happened to the school’s bell.

“I never knew what happened to the bell,” said Pierce. “Well, I finally did find out what happened to the bell and it was brought over here to the Hose Company for me.”

The process to construct the memorial began two to three years ago with Pierce wanting to memorialize the bell in a way to make it stand the test of time. Like all dreams though, there were complications in the beginning, particularly on the money aspect.

“This fellow, Warren Jenkes his name was, was just as interested as I was in getting this thing up,” said Pierce. “He kept saying to me ‘When are going to get that up?’ I said to him ‘Warren, we don’t have the money!’”

Pierce said Jenkes knew of an organization in Scranton that might donate the money. She, Jenkes and another friend Joe Meranti, from the Hose Company, traveled to Scranton to work on getting donations for the monument. That was the beginning and eventually enough money was raised.

Fire Chief Jamie Merlino said the hose company was asked to help construct the monument. “We were contacted about two to three years ago and we donated the time to do it,” said Merlino. (Pierce) raised the money and got people to give donations to it and the guys from the Hughestown Fire Department did it all. They got the stone, concrete, made the forms, dug the holes, put the block up, I mean they took care of all of it so the monument company came in and just topped it off.”

The construction of the monument was completed in June, but unfortunately Jenkes did not see the end of the process. He passed away in Dec. of 2013. “I’m just thinking he’s looking down and he sees it,” said Pierce.

Pierce, however, can see the monument anytime she wishes, for she lives directly across the street from the hose company. “I’m just thrilled,” said Pierce. “I’m thrilled I’m living here and I can see it all the time. I’m also happy that I still live in the borough. I can come out on the porch and look at it.”

The placement of the monument was not the idea of Pierce, but rather the hose company’s. She said she was perfectly fine with their decision. “I just love it,” said Pierce.

With the construction process of the monument done, Pierce is hopeful money can be raised to acquire a plaque for it as well at some point in the future.




Sunday, July 6, 2014  About an hour after clearing the scene from Foundry Street, the West Pittston Police would request the fire department to the same address for a well involved fire. This time, the first alarm crews arrived to find fire showing from Division 1 and Division 2 with an exposure problem on Side “D”. Due to the volume of fire and the exposure problem, Chief 184 quickly called for a second alarm assignment.

Once on scene, Chief 143 would be assigned to Accountability while the crew from Engine 143 assumed the primary RIT Duties. There were no injuries reported on either fire and they both remain under investigation at this time. All of the companies would remain on scene for almost three hours until all of the hot spots were fully extinguished.




Saturday, July 5, 2014  Chief 143 & Engine 143 were requested to the scene of a working structure fire on Foundry Street in West Pittston late Saturday night. Ladder 184 arrived on scene to find a heavy smoke condition and a small fire on the second floor of a two and a half story double block residence.

Once on scene, Chief 143 would assist Chief 112 at the Command Post while the crew from Engine 143 would relieve Engine 112 as the RIT Team. All crews would operate on scene for an hour before being released by Chief 184.




Tuesday, May 13, 2014  Light Brush 143-1, Medium Brush 143-2, and Heavy Brush 143-3 responded to Sunset Drive in Plains Township to assist DCNR with a large wildland fire.

Once on scene, Strike Team 143 went right to work extinguishing all of the running fire and later would be tasked with assisting other crews with mop up in their assign sections. All crews operated on scene for four hours before the fire was fully extinguished.




Sunday, April 13, 2014   The morning started off around 4:30 AM with our Specialized Wildland Strike Team being dispatched to Laurel Run in the area of the Seven Tubs for a large wildland fire. The crews ended up staging until daylight and then mopped up what was left of the fire that spread over some steep terrain. The Strike Team wouldn't return to service until after 10:00 AM.

A few hours later after the wildland fire in Laurel Run, the 143 Strike Team was out on the street again, responding to a large wildland Fire in Exeter Twp. in the area of Searfoss Road. The crew responded all three of our brush units and operated for approximately seven hours before returning to service.



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